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For sports enthusiasts seeking a one-stop destination for the latest updates, analyses, and community discussions, Sportskeeda has become a household name. In this article, we’ll explore what Sportskeeda is, shed light on its ownership, delve into its registration details, examine its trustworthiness, explore the mobile app, address common FAQs, suggest alternatives, and draw a conclusion on its role in the sports content arena.

What is Sportskeeda?

Sportskeeda is a leading sports content platform that provides a comprehensive array of news, commentary, and analyses across a wide spectrum of sports. Catering to a diverse audience, it has established itself as a go-to source for sports-related information, keeping fans abreast of the latest happenings in the sporting world.

Owner of Sportskeeda:

The owner of sportakeeda is Ajay Pratap Singh. He is the CEO of company.

Founding and Early Years:

Sportskeeda, a brainchild of Porush Jain, joined forces with fellow sports enthusiasts Anshu Prasad, Robin Chhabria, and Srinivas Cuddapah. In its humble beginnings, the website operated from Jain’s father’s office in Noida before shifting base to Bangalore in 2011. Backed by venture capital funding, Sportskeeda received a boost in 2011 when Seedfund invested Rs. 2.8 crore.

Venture Capital and Acquisition:

Initially supported by Seedfund, Sportskeeda garnered attention and grew its presence. In 2019, the media brand found a new home when it was acquired by Nazara Technologies. This move marked a significant chapter in Sportskeeda’s evolution.

Daily Content Output and Global Expansion:

Dedicating itself to the sports community, Sportskeeda proudly publishes around 150 articles daily. The brand extends its influence globally, particularly in the US. In a strategic move, Sportskeeda expanded its reach by establishing a 100% owned subsidiary, Sportskeeda Inc., based in Delaware in May 2022.

Corporate Details and Business Model:

Operating under the legal name Absolute Sports Private Limited, Sportskeeda has its headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. With a business model catering to both consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B), Sportskeeda has become a versatile player in the sports content arena.

Leadership and Team:

At the helm of Sportskeeda’s success is CEO Ajay Pratap Singh and Chief Strategy Officer Anirudh Kumar. Together, they lead a dedicated team of 501 to 1000 employees, driving the brand’s vision and commitment to delivering quality sports content.

Sportskeeda Registration and Domain Age:

Sportskeeda’s official website was registered on 2009-08-17. The domain age of  website is 14 Years 2 Month 24 Days as of 11 Nov, 2023.

Trust Factor of Sportskeeda:

Sportskeeda has earned a notable level of trust among its users. The platform is recognized for delivering timely and reliable sports news and analyses. Its extensive history and the vast community of sports enthusiasts contribute to its overall credibility.

Mobile App:

Sportskeeda extends its reach to mobile users through its dedicated mobile app. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, the app offers a user-friendly interface, allowing sports enthusiasts to stay connected and engaged while on the go.


Q1: Is Sportskeeda free to use?

A1: Yes, Sportskeeda is a free-to-use platform, providing sports content without any subscription fees.

Q2: How often is Sportskeeda updated?

A2: Sportskeeda is updated regularly to provide users with the latest news, analyses, and insights across various sports.

Q3: Can users contribute to Sportskeeda?

A3: Yes, Sportskeeda has a community-driven approach, allowing users to contribute articles, engage in discussions, and share their insights.


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In the dynamic world of sports content, Sportskeeda stands out as a reliable and long-standing source of information. With its extensive domain age, trustworthy content, and a thriving community, it continues to play a significant role in keeping sports enthusiasts well-informed and engaged. Whether through its website or mobile app, Sportskeeda remains a powerhouse for sports aficionados seeking a rich and diverse sports content experience.

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