Must-Have Features in the Best Online Trading Apps

Must-Have Features in the Best Online Trading Apps

The availability of relevant tools can have a substantial influence on the outcome. This is true for investing as well. An excellent online trading app can certainly enhance the trading experience. With the growth of mobile technology, online trading apps have become a must for both experienced investors and new investors. However, not every online trading app performs properly. To get the maximum benefit of your trading app, you should have access to certain useful features. This blog throws light on the must-have features of the best online trading app.


The speed of a stock trading app is a key element that may significantly impact your trading experience. Stock prices may move rapidly, and if you do not act promptly, you risk missing out on potential trading opportunities. Hence, the speed of your app is quite important. Before registering on an app, check the speed of its UI. This will ensure that you have a flawless experience while placing your orders.

User Interface

Your stock trading app should be easy to use. Everything from the account opening procedure to placing the trades should be simple and straightforward.  If your application lacks a user-friendly interface, you may become not be able to take advantage of potential investment opportunities.

Real-Time Market Data

A solid trading strategy cannot be developed without studying the current market data. So, a good stock trading app must include an integrated feature that provides you with access to market data such as price, market volume, ask/bid quotations, etc. This allows you to make informed investment decisions.

Charts and Analysis

Charts are one of the most important tools for helping investors. Almost every investor needs them to determine the direction of stock movement, understand the trend patterns, and develop their trading plan. As a result, it is critical for your app to have charts and other relevant analytical tools to assist you optimise your trading strategy.

Alerts and Notifications

It is impossible for anyone to monitor the markets continuously, minute by minute. Thus, your stock trading app should have an alert and notification system. This feature would notify you of any important changes in the market. This would allow you to adjust your trading strategy if required. It would also help you to track the markets without the need to check your app regularly.

Watchlist Customisation

Creating your own stock watchlist helps you prepare for market fluctuations. The watchlist feature in the online stock trading app allows you to keep track of the investments in which you are interested and stay focused on your investing. You can monitor the potential investment opportunities and take note of any changes. It will help you to stay on track and capitalise on investment opportunities, even during price fluctuations in a volatile market. It also helps to set clear investment goals and stay focused on the stocks in which you plan to invest.

Portfolio Tracking

Long-term success in the stock market requires skilled portfolio management. The portfolio tracking and management feature in online trading apps allows you to keep track of your investments in different assets. Diversification is essential while investing. It entails monitoring your assets across several asset classes to ensure a well-diversified portfolio. An app should provide tools to monitor your portfolio’s performance, including gains and losses. This would help you to adjust your portfolio to match your risk tolerance level.

Payment Gateways

A share trading app should also have a payment gateway that accepts all major payment methods. Even if it is a small feature, it is essential for a smooth trading and investment experience. If your app does not support your chosen mode of payment, you have to use other options, which may not be convenient.


With so many stockbrokers offering their own stock trading apps, it might be difficult to choose the correct one. However, with proper research, you can quickly determine the compatibility of the app and the services it provides. If you are new to the stock market, you may not have the skill to make the right trades all the time. This is where an excellent online trading app becomes crucial. A good trading app offered by a renowned financial services firm will include all the essential features required to invest efficiently. You should opt for well-known trading platforms like the IIFL Securities App that offer several useful features. The app employs modern and sophisticated technology to provide an intuitive experience.

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