A Comprehensive Overview

What is is a unique online platform that delves into a diverse range of topics, blending spirituality, consciousness, and alternative perspectives. Founded by Cynthia, a self-described Pisces, the blog reflects her creative and sensitive nature. Cynthia’s educational journey spans from an associate degree in Medical Technology to an MBA from the University of Georgia.

Website Traffic and Rankings

Despite its niche focus, has garnered a respectable audience. Let’s explore its traffic and rankings:

  • Global Traffic Rank: Currently standing at 699,018, the website attracts readers from various corners of the world.
  • Top Marketing Channels: The majority of traffic comes directly to the site (66.15%), followed by organic search (32.45%).
  • Competitors: While it faces competition, maintains a solid presence in its niche.

Note: This traffic and ranking report is created as of Feb 2024.

Website Owner

The identity of the website owner remains shrouded in mystery.

Domain Age

The domain age of is 10 years, 1 months and 3 days as of February 18, 2024. It was registered on 15th of January 2014.


While stands out, consider exploring these alternatives:

  • A similar platform with engaging content.
  • For health-conscious readers.
  • A space for anonymous discussions.


In this digital landscape, offers a unique blend of spirituality, consciousness, and thought-provoking insights. Whether you’re a curious seeker or a seasoned explorer, this platform invites you to explore the realms beyond the ordinary.

Remember, the journey is just beginning for—a canvas awaiting more strokes of wisdom and wonder.

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