Pdfdrive.com: A Comprehensive Overview



Pdfdrive.com is a prominent online platform that caters to the needs of avid readers, researchers, and knowledge seekers. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Pdfdrive.com, exploring its traffic, rankings, ownership, domain age, and viable alternatives.

Website Traffic and Rankings

Pdfdrive2.com currently holds a global rank of 2,774,668. Over the last three months, its global ranking has witnessed a significant improvement, climbing from 4,382,104 to its current position. In Turkey, Pdfdrive2.com ranks at 86,989. The website primarily falls under the category of Science and Education > Math. This traffic and ranking report is created as of Feb 2024 .

Website Owner

As of now, the company behind Pdfdrive.com is PDF Drive. Unfortunately, specific details about the company’s Owner remain undisclosed .

Domain Age

The domain age of this website is 10 years, 4 months and 17 days old as of 23 Feb 2024. This domain was created 5th of October 2013 .


  1. Accelerate-Ed: A platform catering to educational needs.
  2. Cantor’s Paradise: A hub for mathematical enthusiasts.
  3. Edstem.org: An educational community fostering collaboration.
  4. AMS.org: The American Mathematical Society’s official website.


Pdfdrive.com continues to be a go-to destination for accessing a vast repository of PDFs. Its growth trajectory and commitment to knowledge dissemination make it a valuable resource.

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