Meesho Website Review

meesho website review


Meesho, an online shopping platform, has gained popularity for its unique business model. However, user experiences vary, and there are significant concerns.

The Trust Score

According to Sitejabber, Meesho’s rating is a mere 2.01 stars out of 5, with customers frequently complaining about customer care and incorrect product deliveries.

User Complaints

Numerous users report issues with Meesho. Problems include wrong products, delayed refunds, and unresponsive customer service. Some even label it as a “fraudulent platform”.

Quality and Authenticity

Meesho’s product quality remains questionable. Reports of subpar items and discrepancies between advertised and received products persist. Buyers should exercise caution.


Certainly! If you’re looking for alternatives to Meesho, consider the following options:

  1. GlowRoad: A reselling platform that allows you to work from home and earn money by reselling products on WhatsApp and Facebook. It boasts a large network of over 6 million resellers.

  2. Flipkart: India’s biggest online store offering a wide range of products, including mobiles, fashion, electronics, home appliances, books, and more.

  3. IndiaMART: A massive online marketplace connecting manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters. It provides a reliable and transparent platform for trade.

  4. Another popular online marketplace in India with a vast selection of products, including mobiles, laptops, cameras, apparel, and more.

  5. Shop101: A trustworthy Meesho alternative with over 5 million downloads on the Play Store. It offers quality products at convenient prices for resellers.

Customer Reviews

  1. Sandhya Narahari“Meesho is using very cheap tricks. It’s not at all a trusted app. I have returned 2 products but received a refund for only one. They blame customers and disconnect calls abruptly. The quality is poor.”

  2. Ram Jee“Meesho sent me COD parcels without my order. When I contacted customer support, they asked me to make an account and add my bank details for a refund. I refused, suspecting another scam.”

  3. P Bakshi“Received small, lightweight packets instead of the ordered products twice. Meesho needs to restrict such vendors to maintain trust.”

  4. Admissions desk“Meesho is fraudulent. Defective products, no returns, and their 9 Rs deals are suspicious.”

  5. Unnati Shukla“Products are amazing and useful for babies.”

  6. Shenoi“Meesho is a fraud company. They replace our products with used ones and their courier partners are involved too.”


While Meesho offers convenience, proceed with vigilance. Research thoroughly before making a purchase. Remember: Buyer beware! 

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