Ekaks Website Review

Ekaks website review


Ekaks, a relatively new e-commerce platform, has garnered attention for its diverse product offerings. However, user experiences have been mixed, and there are concerns about its legitimacy.

The Trust Score

According to Scamdoc, Ekaks receives a dismal trust score of 1%. This low rating raises red flags for potential shoppers.

User Complaints

Numerous complaints have surfaced regarding Ekaks. Customers report non-delivery of products, lack of order confirmations, and unresponsive customer service. One user even referred to them as “daylight robbers”

Proceed with Caution

While Ekaks may offer tempting deals, exercise caution. The domain’s recent creation (less than 6 months) adds to the skepticism. If you decide to shop on Ekaks, keep your expectations in check.

Alternatives to Ekaks

Certainly! If you’re exploring alternatives to Ekaks, consider the following options:

  1. Vim: A lightweight and powerful text editor, Vim is ubiquitous and available across various operating systems. It’s keyboard-driven, fast, and widely used by developers for coding and configuration file editing.

  2. Nano: Another terminal-based text editor, Nano is user-friendly and straightforward. It’s ideal for quick edits and beginners who prefer a simpler interface.

  3. Emacs: A versatile text editor with a rich feature set, Emacs is highly customizable. It has a steep learning curve but offers powerful capabilities for coding, writing, and more

Red Flags

Certainly! When evaluating Ekaks, watch out for these red flags:

  1. Suspicious Trust Score: Ekaks has a low trust score of 1% according to Scamdoc. Such a score raises concerns about legitimacy.

  2. User Complaints: Numerous complaints include non-delivery of products, lack of order confirmations, and unresponsive customer service. Beware if others have faced similar issues.

  3. Recent Domain Creation: Ekaks’ domain was created less than 6 months ago, which adds to skepticism. New websites can be risky.

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