Top 22 Interactive Flat Panel Displays Companies in India

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In today’s world, many companies are dealing with Interactive flat panels. After the COVID 19 pandemic, the Interactive flat panel market is increasing day by day. Many of the companies are starting manufacturing of it by themselves due to the higher demand in the market because of the amazing benefits of interactive panels in education, Corporate and Government Sector.

Here are the List of Interactive Flat Panel Display Companies in India

Promark Techsolution Interactive Flat Panel Display

Promark is basically based on Mohali- Chandigarh company. They have been the manufacturer of Interactive Flat Panels in India since 2003. They are providing 5-6 types of Interactive Displays in different sizes.

Benq Interactive Flat Panel Display

BenQ is basically a Taiwanese company. They are selling and marketing Technology based products. They are famous for their Interactive Flat Panel Displays. They promise the quality of their innovative products.

TrueView Interactive Flat Panel Display

Trueview is a brand of Warner Electronics Pvt. Ltd. They were established in 2011. They are dealing with Surveillance CCTV cameras, Interactive Displays and other technology based products. They have their own state or the art sophisticated manufacturers plant with all the necessary certifications. 

UNV Displays Interactive Flat Panel Display

UNV Displays is a china based company. They were established in 2012. They are dealing in Interactive Displays, CCTV Monitors, etc

Maxhub Interactive Flat Panel Display

Maxhub is one of the biggest brand in Interactive flat panel display companies in India. Maxhub is a multinational company, their headquarter is located in China. Maxhub is a brand of CVTV Group. They are very famous for their interactive flat panel displays in various countries. 

LG Interactive Flat Panel Display

LG is one of the oldest, famous and repetitive brands in India. Basically they are dealing with many of the electronics products, but from the last few years they are dealing with interactive displays and LCD Monitors. 

Newline Interactive Flat Panel Display

Newline is a Taiwan based company. They are the own manufacturers of interactive displays. They are dealing with various electronic products.

Globus Infocom Interactive Flat Panel Display

Globus Infocom is also dealing in interactive flat panels and other edtech tools. They are based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh-India. They provide many different types of interactive panels that are best for education, corporate and government sectors. 

Briotouch Interactive Flat Panel Display

Brio Touch is an Indian Company, based in New Delhi. They are the manufacturer of Interactive Flat Panel Displays. 

Viewsonic Interactive Flat Panel Display

Viewsonic is an International Company, based in Taiwanese, American. Their head office is located in Brea, California. They are dealing in interactive flat panels and other electronic products globally. Viewsonic was founded in 1987.

Hitachi Interactive Flat Panel Display

Hitachi is a Japanese multinational company, headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. Hitachi was established in 1994. They are famous for their quality and innovation. They are dealing in many electronic products. They have many types of interactive panel displays in different sizes.  Hitachi offers the 65-75 inch interactive flat Panel displays, which are capable for windows. 

Samsung Interactive Flat Panel Display

Samsung is one of the most famous and oldest brands in the electronics market. They are  famous for their smartphones and other electronic products,  but for the past few years they have been dealing in interactive flat panel displays in various sizes. 

Promethean World Interactive Flat Panel Display

Promethean World is a global multinational company, their headquarters are located in the UK. They are a global educational company. They have many types of Interactive Flat Panel displays with many other electronic products.

Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel Display

Hikvision is a USA Based company, they are dealing in many electronics and security surveillance products, like CCTV Cameras, Monitors and Interactive Flat Panel Displays.

Senses Electronics Interactive Flat Panel

Senses Electronic Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian Company. Headoffice is located in Pune, Maharashtra-India. They were established in 2013. They are dealing in many types of Interactive FLat Panel displays in different variations of sizes.

Gladwin Group Interactive Flat Panel Display

Gladwin Group is an Indian Company, based in Delhi. They are dealing in various electronics products. They have many types of Interactive Flat Panel Displays in different sizes.

Optoma Corporation Interactive Flat Panel

Optoma is a multinational company. Their headquarters are based in Asia Pacific, China, Europe and the USA. They are dealing in many electronic products.

Boxlight is a 30 years of experienced brand in technology and education based products. This is an Indian Brand, based in Uttar Pradesh-India. They are one of the oldest interactive flat panel companies in India. 

Egan Teamboard Interactive Flat Panel

Egan Teamboard is a multinational company, founded in 1967. Their headquarter is located in Canada. They are the manufacturer of Interactive Flat Panels and other educational and presentation products. It is also a big competitor of interactive flat panel companies.

Julong Educational Technology Co. Ltd.

Julong Educational Technology is a multinational company, founded in 1998. They are the manufacturers and exporters of Interactive whiteboards screens.

Smart Technologies Interactive Flat Panel Display

Smart Technologies is a Canadian Company, headquartered in Alberta, Canada. They were founded in 1987. They are known for their interactive flat panels, smart white boards and other educational products.

Vestel is a Turkish company, founded in 1984. Their headquarter is located in Manisa, Türkiye. They are dealing in Many of the Electronic products, including Educational Interactive Flat Panel Displays and other educational Products. It is also the one of the biggest company in interactive flat panel display market.


At last we can say that the Interactive flat panel Display companies market growth is increasing day by day due to the demand of interactive panels in the Education, Corporate and Government Sector. Many of the new Companies are Establishing in this market.  

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