Get to know about online acca course details and complete duration in India

online acca course details

Suppose you are one of those students who have a hunger to perform in the changing surroundings of the finance market. In that case, choosing to sharpen your skills by picking an association of chartered certified accountants would be an exciting prospect, even though there are many accounting courses that students could choose to get an idea about the finance world. Picking ACCA would be the best decision as it could help you achieve greater heights while accomplishing targets seamlessly.

Moreover, the acca salary in India is one of the most competitive as the students could expect huge pay slips once they have reached the pinnacle. Compared to other accounting qualifications offered globally, ACCA is considered the largest professional degree. To learn more about online acca course details and duration in India, going through this blog would be a useful strategy.

Understanding the scope of ACCA in India

Based on the growth of the financial market globally, new opportunities and chances are being created across wider sections and domains. One of those opportunities is being brought to the table by the rise of ACCA. People who have completed their ACCA courses successfully can expect top multinational companies to hire them by offering lucrative positions. Several renowned accounting firms like Pwc, EY, KPMG, Deloitte and Grant Thornton are a few of the common examples.

Moreover, there are several hundreds of companies that are looking to build themselves as a globally recognized accounting firm. There are a number of positions that are specially offered to those people who have completed ACCA. A few of those positions are accounting advisory, risk advisory, statutory audit, internal audit, forensic auditing, and similar.

Most importantly, an average ACCA salary in India candidate can expect a salary package between Rs. 6 lacs to Rs. 20 lacs per annum with variables. In a country like India, this salary package would be a huge factor in leading a luxurious life. Additionally, if you manage to get a job overseas, this salary package could increase three times based on the valuation of their currency.

Course fees for ACCA in India

Once you have gained an idea regarding the scope of ACCA in India and overseas. If you have decided to pursue this course, choosing to learn its course fees would be crucial. This could help you get an idea regarding the money that needs to be invested.

  • Registration fee

A one-time registration fee needs to be paid by every student who is eager to complete their ACCA salary in India. Not paying the registration fees wouldn’t let you access the website or become a member to look at the previous year’s question papers. The registration fee for this course is Rs. 7,625, but additional charges may be required. If you don’t manage to complete the subscription payment in the required time.

  • Subscription fees

ACCA is a course that charges an annual subscription fee from its students. For a country like India, this subscription fee is Rs. 10,734. It would help if you continued paying this subscription as it would allow you to access the study material and manuals unhinged.

  • Exam fees

When it comes to ACCA exam fees, there are three levels, mainly knowledge, skill and professional level. To clear the ACCA exams, you need to pay separate registration fees for each of those levels. The knowledge levels require you to pay a sum of Rs. 8,243. The second part of the skill level exam asks for a fee of Rs. 10, 734. And lastly, the professional-level exam will require a payment of Rs. 13,054.

  • Exemption fees

Although most students might feel that getting an exemption means they wouldn’t have to pay any additional sums. However, the ACCA exams don’t operate like that; instead, you would have to pay separate exemption fees for both skill and professional-level exams. In knowledge level exams, Rs. 6984 per exemption needs to be paid before registration. Meanwhile, in professional-level exams, Rs. 9229 per exemption would need to be cleared to avail the exemptions.


For any student who prefers joining finance and accounting certification, choosing the option of ACCA would be a career-changing decision. Due to the rapid growth in the financial sectors, most companies are looking to hire accounting professionals. People who can help the company balance its books while providing advice regarding profitable investments.

This group of people has huge value in the financial market as companies like to hear their thoughts and ideas. Moreover, the acca salary in India is projected to grow on a yearly basis, which could help students reach the pinnacle of their careers in a few years. By choosing to refer to Zell education, you would be able to truly understand the steps of completing ACCA.

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