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Foundation Year3rd of September 2006
Total RevenueN/A
Total EmployeesN/A
Domain Age17 years, 3 months and 17 days old as of 21 Dec 2023
IndustryVirtual Views

Introduction is a unique online platform that invites users to peer through the windows of people across the world. In this article, we delve into what makes this website special, explore its traffic and rankings, discuss its origins, and provide alternatives for those seeking similar experiences.

What is

At its core, offers a serene escape from the mundane. It allows users to virtually gaze out of real windows in various locations, sharing the views of everyday people. Whether you’re yearning for a glimpse of an Italian coastal village or curious about the streets of Tokyo, transports you there with a simple click.

Website Traffic and Rankings has gained popularity globally. Here are some key insights: Global Rank213,101 Monthly Visits: Over 265,000 Top Traffic SourceDirect Traffic (57.95%) Referrals: Second highest source (19.31%).This traffic and ranking report is created as of Dec,2023.

Website Owner emerged during the pandemic, a brainchild of Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam, a couple residing in Singapore. Their vision was to create a digital sanctuary where people could connect through shared views.

Domain Age

The domain age of this website is 17 years, 3 months and 17 days old as of 21 Dec 2023. This domain was created 3rd of September 2006.


  1. YouTube: Although not exclusively focused on windows, YouTube hosts countless travel vlogs and window views from around the globe. Explore channels like for captivating content.
  2. This platform lets you create short links with an expiry date. While not identical to, it offers a unique experience.
  3. IOSHaven: If you’re an iOS user, provides a search engine for hacked iOS apps, which can be an intriguing diversion.

Conclusion transcends geographical boundaries, connecting us through the universal language of views. As we peer into these virtual windows, we discover shared humanity and the beauty of our diverse world.

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