Tamiloneindia.com: Navigating Tamil Nadu’s Digital Landscape



Foundation Year2011-12-13 
Total RevenueNot disclosed
Total EmployeesVaries (industry standard)
Domain Age16 Years 7 Month 19 Days as of 3 Dec, 2023
HeadquartersChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
IndustryDigital Media

What is Tamiloneindia.com?

Tamiloneindia.com, established in 2012, pulsates with the heartbeat of Tamil Nadu. It serves as a digital compass, guiding readers through the labyrinth of news, culture, and society. Let’s unravel its essence.

Website Traffic and Rankings

Tamiloneindia.com recently witnessed an impressive 4 million visits, with an average session duration of 3 minutes and 29 seconds. While its readership spans the globe, its core audience remains rooted in Tamil Nadu. The site’s meteoric rise in popularity reflects the insatiable hunger for Tamil news and insights.

Website Owner and Headquarters

Tamiloneindia.com is the brainchild of Oneindia Tamil, headquartered in the vibrant city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The visionary behind this digital symphony is none other than Mr. Jayakumar, whose passion fuels the platform’s growth.

Domain Age

The domain age of the website is 16 Years 7 Month 19 Days as of 3 Dec, 2023. This domain was created on 2011-12-13.


  1. TamilNaduNews.in: A sibling site, offering a similar blend of news and culture.
  2. ChennaiNews.in: A parallel universe for Chennai-centric updates.
  3. TamilCultureHub.com: A vibrant community hub celebrating Tamil heritage


Tamiloneindia.com, like a seasoned raconteur, weaves tales of Tamil Nadu’s past, present, and future. As we traverse the digital landscape, let its pixels be our guide.

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