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In the era of digital dominance, our online activities leave a trail of data that shapes our virtual identity. Among the platforms that play a crucial role in collecting and storing this data is In this article, we will explore what is, analyze its website traffic and rankings, uncover details about the website owner, delve into the domain age, address some frequently asked questions, and conclude with insights into managing your digital footprint.

What is is a Google’s privacy tool that allows you to see, control, and manage your Google activity. You can use My Activity to see which websites and apps you’ve visited, what you’ve searched for, and what you’ve watched on YouTube. You can also use My Activity to control how Google uses your data and to delete your activity. You can find My Activity on your Google Account.

Website Traffic and Rankings according to

Global Rank1
Category Rank1 (Search Engines)
Monthly Visits96.76M
Pages per Visit10.27
Average Visit Duration11:30
Bounce Rate12.41%
Traffic by CountriesUnited States (30.64%), India (8.21%), Japan (5.17%)
Top Referring,,
Top Destination,,
Category Engagement98.67%

The data provided here is based on the information available from SimilarWeb as of Nov, 2023.

Website Owner

As is a service offered by Google, the website is owned and operated by Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. Alphabet Inc. is a multinational conglomerate, and Google is one of its most prominent subsidiaries. The ownership of aligns with Google’s commitment to providing transparency and control over user data.

Domain Age is a sub domain of The domain age of this website is 26 Years 2 Month 6 Days as of 22 Nov, 2023. This domain was created on 1997-09-15. 

FAQ's About

1. Is safe to use?

Yes, is designed with user privacy and security in mind. Users can access and manage their data while benefiting from Google’s robust security measures.

2. Can I delete my activity on

Yes, users have the option to delete specific activities or entire logs through the “Delete activity by” feature on the platform.

3. Does using affect my privacy? is built to enhance privacy by empowering users to control and manage their data. However, users should always be mindful of their privacy settings on other Google services.

4. Can I download my data from

Yes, users can download their activity data through the “Download your data” option, allowing them to have a local copy of their interactions with Google services.

Conclusion stands as a testament to Google’s commitment to transparency and user control. By providing a centralized platform for users to review and manage their digital footprints, Google empowers individuals to take charge of their online presence. As users engage with the internet in increasingly complex ways, services like play a crucial role in demystifying the data collection process and ensuring that users remain in control of their digital identities.

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