igg-games.com: A Comprehensive Overview



igg-games.com is a popular platform for downloading PC games. Gamers flock to this website to access a vast collection of premium games across various genres. In this article, we delve into what igg-games.com offers, its traffic and rankings, the company behind it, and explore some alternatives.

What Is igg-games.com?

igg-games.com serves as a treasure trove for gaming enthusiasts. It provides free access to a wide range of PC games, including action-packed titles, thrilling adventures, and intense racing experiences. The site’s user-friendly interface allows visitors to explore and download games without any registration hassles.

Website Traffic and Rankings

igg-games.com ranks globally at #4,035 and is particularly popular in the United States, where it holds the #268 position in the Games > Video Games Consoles and Accessories category. The site attracts approximately 13.7 million visits per month, with an average visit duration of 3 minutes and 41 seconds. The top traffic sources are Direct (77.26%) and Organic Search (18.98%). Note: This traffic and ranking report is generated as of Feb, 2024.

Website Owner

The ownership of igg-games.com remains somewhat mysterious. While the exact identities of the owners are unknown, we do know that the website was founded in Vietnam. The team likely consists of over 20 full-time employees, along with dedicated volunteers who moderate the comments section.

Domain Age

The domain age of this website is 10 years, 3 months and 10 days as of 4 Feb, 2024. This domain was registered on 25th of October 2013.

Alternatives to igg-games.com

For those seeking alternatives, several platforms offer similar services:

  1. Skidrow Games: A web-based hub for downloading PC games, providing news, updates, and repacks.
  2. GamerSky: A comprehensive gaming solution with a massive game database, articles, and global tournaments.
  3. Ova Games: A famous site offering thousands of free PC games, akin to igg-games.com.


In summary, igg-games.com remains a go-to destination for gamers seeking free PC games. While its domain age is relatively young, the site’s popularity continues to grow. Remember, though, to exercise caution and use reliable antivirus software when downloading from any gaming platform. Happy gaming!

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