How Interactive Flat Panel Display Help in Education

How Interactive Flat Panel Display Help in Education

There is no denying that Interactive Flat Panel Display help in education. Interactive display panels are very beneficial for educators as well as students. Children are more interested in visual learning. classroom instructors use interactive flat display panels to make their teaching spaces more interesting. In the past, projectors and white screens were used to make learning engaging, but this setup has a lot of problems and is not particularly helpful for teachers. Thus, the interactive displays are used currently for audiovisual learning. Students are more engaged with the interactive displays compared to they’re with projector screens. There are many reasons for the success of interactive panels like: the interactive panels are touch screens, it helps with writing and drawing on the panel. The interactive panels are a 4k resolution screen, so it gives more clarity compared to projectors. The built-in camera function in interactive panels allows for remote learning and facilitates interaction with the entire class. Additionally, the interactive panel has built-in speakers, so during remote sessions, students and instructors can hear each other by using speakers. 

Features of Interactive Flat Panel Display Board that help in education:

  • The 4k Resolution Screen
  • The smooth and sensitive touch Screen
  • The inbuilt camera and speakers
  • Password protection
  • Android version 
  • In built mic
  • Attach with any PC or Laptop 
  • Screen Partition
  • Multi Touch Option
  • RAM and Storage

4K Resolution Screen

The interactive flat panels are having 4k screen resolution. It is the very first and good feature of interactive panels because of its high clarity. The 4k screen resolution catches the students interest in visual learning.

The smooth and Sensitive Touch

The touch interactive Flat panels have a very smooth and sensitive touch screen. Its smoothness of touch is like the smartphone’s touch. Its amazing touch screen is also helpful to gain the student’s interest in learning in an indirect way.

Inbuilt Camera and Speakers

In the Interactive Flat Panels having inbuilt camera and speakers option. It’s one of the best features of interactive flat panels. This feature makes the classroom more interesting when it comes to online learning as well as offline learning. It helps to interact with each other in the remote session.

Password Protection

The interactive flat panels have the password protection feature like the smartphone lock protection. No one uses your interactive Flat panel without filling up the password or setting up your security methods like pattern protection. It makes your data or your privacy safe like a smartphone.

Multi Touch

Its multi touch features make  it more interesting while in the drawing class. Students can touch on multiple spots at one time in the panel, every spot will work smoothly without any delay or hassle. But almost all Interactive Panels have the 10 multi touch points limit. We mean, 10 students can touch both at a time on the panel.

Screen Partition

In some Interactive Flat Panels, the Screen Partition feature is also very amazing. With this feature you can divide  your screen in 2 parts, I mean with this partition, now you have 2 screens (one screen in 2 parts) . You can use both of 2 screens for different purposes like you can use Notepad in 1 screen and you can use excel in 2nd screen. So this is also a very helpful feature for teachers for giving illustrations to students while in the class. This is also very helpful to increase the productivity of teachers. 

Android/IOS Support

Almost all the interactive Flat panel displays are android and IOS Supported. You can use any of the Android/IOS applications in the panel. The Interactive Flat Panels interface is like the smartphone. You can use the play store/App store also. But some of the Interactive Panels are only for Android or Only for IOS, So in that case you must check your panel before purchase.


Last, but not least, we can say that interactive Flat Panels display is very helpful in education. It makes education easy and simple with its features. These interactive panels are very helpful in offline as well as online learning. In the London challenge case study , they have done the A/B testing of impacting the interactive flat panels on students’ lives. 

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