Glenmark Pharmaceuticals: A Comprehensive Overview


Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, a prominent player in the global pharmaceutical landscape, has been at the forefront of innovation and research. In this article, we delve into the key aspects of, shedding light on its traffic, rankings, ownership, and more.

Website Traffic and Rankings has witnessed a recent surge in global ranking, climbing from 192,651 to 246,006 over the last three months. In India, it stands at an impressive 18,107. The website attracts approximately 140.3K visits, with an average visit duration of 9 minutes and 9 seconds. Visitors explore an array of information related to Glenmark’s pharmaceutical endeavors. This traffic and ranking report is created as of Feb 2024 .

Website Owner

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited, an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company, owns .

Domain Age

The domain age of this website is 21 years, 4 months and 29 days old as of 24 Feb 2024. This domain was created 24th of September 2002 .


  1. Torrent Pharmaceuticals: A leading player in the field, provides valuable insights into healthcare solutions.
  2. GSK (GlaxoSmithKline): offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products and research updates.
  3. Ranbaxy Laboratories:, though now part of Sun Pharma, still holds valuable historical data.


Glenmark Pharmaceuticals continues to shape the future of healthcare through its commitment to advanced therapies. As centers of excellence in dermatology, oncology, and other fields, Glenmark’s contributions resonate globally. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, investor, or simply curious, is a gateway to cutting-edge knowledge.

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