Ferozepur, District in Punjab: A Land of Martyrs and History

Ferozepur City

Ferozepur is one of the oldest and largest districts in the state of Punjab, India. It is located on the banks of the Sutlej river, which forms the border with Pakistan. The district has a rich and diverse history, culture, and heritage, and is known as the land of martyrs for its role in the freedom struggle of India.

History of Ferozepur District

The district was founded by Firuz Shah Tughlaq, a ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, in the 14th century. He named it after himself and built several forts and mosques in the area. The district witnessed many battles and invasions by various dynasties and empires, such as the Mughals, the Sikhs, the Marathas, and the British.

The district played a significant role in the first Anglo-Sikh war in 1845, when the Khalsa army crossed the Sutlej river and fought against the British forces. The district also saw the heroic sacrifice of 21 Sikh soldiers of the 36th Sikh Regiment, who defended the Saragarhi post against thousands of Afghan tribesmen in 1897. The Saragarhi Memorial Gurudwara in Firozpur city commemorates their bravery and martyrdom.

The district was also the birthplace and final resting place of some of the most prominent freedom fighters of India, such as Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev. They were hanged by the British in Lahore on March 23, 1931, and their bodies were secretly cremated on the banks of the Sutlej river near Firozepur. The National Martyrs Memorial at Hussainiwala marks their cremation site and pays tribute to their revolutionary spirit.

Villages and Towns in Ferozepur District

Ferozepur district comprises four tehsils: Firozpur, Zira, Guru Har Sahai, and Mamdot. There are 639 villages and 10 towns in the district. The following table lists some of the major villages and towns:

Village NameGram PanchayatNearest Town
AchhewalaAchhe WalaMallanwala Khass
Aku Mastu KeMaste Ke AkkuFirozpur
AkuwalaAkku WalaFirozpur
Ala DhuttaKala TibbaFirozpur
AlewalaAale WalaFirozpur
AlfookeAlfu KeGuru Har Sahai
Ali AulakhBare KeFirozpur (9 km)
Alike JhungianAli Ke JhuggianGuru Har Sahai
AliwalaAli WalaMallanwala Khass
Arazi KatoriaFerozeshahTalwandi Bhai
Arif KeArif KeFirozpur
Asman RandhawaAttariFirozpur
Atuwala HitharAttu WalaGuru Har Sahai
Atuwala UttarAttu WalaGuru Har Sahai
AulakeGulam Hussain WalaFirozpur
Badhni Gulab SinghBadhni Gulab SinghFirozpur
Badhni Jaimal SinghBadhni Jaimal SinghFirozpur
Bage Ke PipalBagge Ke KhurdFirozpur
BaggewalaBagge WalaMallanwala Khass
BagguwalaBaggu WalaMallanwala Khass
Baghel SinghwalaBaghel Singh WalaFirozpur
BaghewalaBaghe WalaFirozpur
BahadurwalaBahadar WalaFirozpur
Bala MeghaNihala LaweraMallanwala Khass (12 km)
BandalaBandalaMallanwala Khass
Bare KeBare Ka KhabhaFirozpur
Basti PathanawaliN/AGuru Har Sahai
BazewalaBale WalaFirozpur
Begu MahuBegu MahuFirozpur
Betu QadimBetu QadimGuru Har Sahai
Bhabra Azam ShahwalaBasti Mohamad Alis ShahFirozpur
BhagwanpuraBhagwan PuraFirozpur
Bhamba HajiBhamba HaziFirozpur
Bhamba SinghwalaPalla MeghaFirozpur
Bhambawala Urf LandaBhamba LandaTalwandi Bhai
BhangaliBhangaliTalwandi Bhai
Bharoli BhannBharoli BhanGuru Har Sahai
BholluwalaBholu WalaMudki
Bhure KalanBhure KalanFirozpur
Bhure KhurdBhure KhurdFirozpur
Bir SarkarSudh Singh WalaMallanwala Khass
BodalBodalGuru Har Sahai
Bukan KhanwalaBukhan KhanwalaFirozpur
Burj Makhan SinghBurj Makhan Singh WalaGuru Har Sahai
ButewalaBute WalaFirozpur
ButtarButterGuru Har Sahai
Chak BhangewalaChak Bhange WalaFirozpur
Chak Dona Rahime KeChak Dona Rahime KeGuru Har Sahai
Chak Ghobai Alias TanganChak Ghubaya Urf TanganGuru Har Sahai
Chak Ghobai Urf TaranwalaBasti Amrik Singh WaliGuru Har Sahai
Chak HarajChak HarajGuru Har Sahai
Chak KhundarChak KhunderGuru Har Sahai
Chak Malha KariMohammed Khan NiaziFirozpur
Chak Rao Ke HitharChak Rau Ke HitharGuru Har Sahai
Chak RoranwalaChak Roran WalaFirozpur
Chak SadhuwalaChak Sadhu WalaGuru Har Sahai
Chak Sawai KhurdSawai Ke BhokriGuru Har Sahai
Chak SotrianHabib WalaFirozpur
Chak TahliwalaChak Tahali WalaGuru Har Sahai
Changali JadidAnarkaliMallanwala Khass
Changali QadimBasti Khajura WaliMallanwala Khass
Chhanga KhurdGhanga KhurdGuru Har Sahai
Chhanga MakhnaKala TibbaFirozpur
Chuhar KhilchiChoor KhilchianFirozpur
ChupatiChopatiGuru Har Sahai
DaryekeDariya KeGuru Har Sahai
Dastul SahibwalaArmanpuraFirozpur
Dhira GharaDhira GharaMallanwala Khass
Dhira PattraDhira PatraFirozpur
DholewalaDhole WalaMallanwala Khass
DilaramDilaramGuru Har Sahai
DodDodGuru Har Sahai
Dona JaimalwalaLakhmir Ke HitharGuru Har Sahai (18 km)
Dona MattarDona MattarGuru Har Sahai
Dona Nawab SahibKari KalanGuru Har Sahai (14 km)
Dona RahmatwalaLakhmir Ke HitharGuru Har Sahai (15 km)
Dona Telu MalwalaDona Tellu MallFirozpur
Doni KhundarPheru WalaGuru Har Sahai (12 km)
Dula SinghwalaDula Singh WalaMallanwala Khass
Dulchi KeAli KeFirozpur
DulewalaBasti Khushal SinghFirozpur
FaridewalaFaride WalaMallanwala Khass
Fatehwala HitharFatte Wala HitharFirozpur
Fatta BoraFatta BoraMallanwala Khass
Fattewala UttarKalu Arian HitharFirozpur
FatuwalaFattu WalaFirozpur
Feroze ShahChak Gurdiyal SinghTalwandi Bhai
FirozpurBaba Bhadwag SinghFirozpur
GamewalaGame WalaFirozpur
Gandhu Kilcha HitharGandhu KilchaFirozpur (15 km)
Gandhu Kilcha UttarGandhu KilchaFirozpur
Gatti Basti Masta 1Malla Rahime KeFirozpur
Gatti Basti Masta 2Gatti Basti Masta No 1Guru Har Sahai
Gatti Chak JadidLakha HaziFirozpur
Gatti MattarGatti MattarGuru Har Sahai
Gatti Mehmud Ke HitharKalu Arian HitharFirozpur
Gatti Rahime KeGatti Rahime KeFirozpur
Gatti Teluwala MalFatte Wala HitharFirozpur (18 km)
Ghall KhurdGhall KhurdTalwandi Bhai
GhiniwalaBasti Bhan SinghFirozpur
GhugatewalaBaillarMallanwala Khass
Ghulam HussainwalaBhakraFirozpur
GillanwalaGillan WalaFirozpur
GokhiwalaGokhi WalaFirozpur
Gulam PattraGulam PatraFirozpur
GulamwalaGulam WalaMallanwala Khass
GurditiwalaGurditi WalaMallanwala Khass
Habib KeChandi WalaFirozpur
HabibwalaHabib WalaFirozpur
Haji ChhimbaLutharFirozpur
HakewalaHake WalaFirozpur
Hakumat SinghwalaHakumat Singh WalaTalwandi Bhai
HamadHamadGuru Har Sahai
HamidwalaHamad WalaMallanwala Khass
HarajHarajTalwandi Bhai
Hassan DhutHasan DhutFirozpur
Haste KeHaste KeFirozpur
HastiwalaBasti BalmikFirozpur
Hazara SinghwalaHazara Singh WalaGuru Har Sahai
Hussain ShahwalaHussain Shah WalaFirozpur
IlmewalaIlme WalaMallanwala Khass
Inayat KeLakha HaziFirozpur
IttanwaliIttan WaliTalwandi Bhai
JaimalwalaJaimal WalaMallanwala Khass
Jaimalwala Alias PiareanaBasti PiyareanaFirozpur
JalalwalaJalal WalaFirozpur
Jama MeghaNihala LaweraFirozpur (16 km)
Jama Rakhia HitharBasti Sham Singh WaliGuru Har Sahai
Jama Rakhia UttarJama Rakhiya UttarGuru Har Sahai
Jamaitpur DheruDheru JamitpurFirozpur
JandwalaJand WalaMudki
JangJangGuru Har Sahai
JatalaJatalaGuru Har Sahai
Jawahar SinghwalaJawahar Singh WalaMudki
Jhok HariharJhoke Hari HarFirozpur
Jhok Naudh SinghJhoke Nodhe Singh WalaFirozpur
Jhok Tahal SinghJhoke Tehal SinghGuru Har Sahai
Jit SinghwalaAjit Singh WalaMudki
Jiwan BhediJiwa BhediFirozpur
JodhpurJodhpurGuru Har Sahai
Kabar WachaKabar WachhaMudki
KadaboraKada BoraFirozpur
Kahan ChandwalaBasti Gurbachan Singh SainiFirozpur
KaillowalKallo WalFirozpur
KakuwalaAjij WaliFirozpur
Kala TibbaKala TibbaFirozpur
Kale Ke HitharKale Ke HitharMallanwala Khass
KaliewalaKalie WalaTalwandi Bhai
Kalu Araian UttarLakha HaziFirozpur
Kalu Arain HitharKalu Arian HitharFirozpur
KaluwalaDulchi KeMallanwala Khass
KaluwaraKalu WalaFirozpur
Kamala BodlaFaridewalaMallanwala Khass
Kamala MidduKamala MidduMallanwala Khass
Kamaldin NiaziKandh WalaFirozpur
KamalwalaKamal Wala 38Firozpur
Kamalwala KhurdKamal Wala KhurdMallanwala Khass
KandawaliKandh WalaFirozpur
Kari KalanKari KalanGuru Har Sahai
Kari KhurdButterGuru Har Sahai
Karian PahelwanKarian PahalwanFirozpur
KarmanKarmaGuru Har Sahai
KarmitiKarmitiTalwandi Bhai
KarmuwalaKarmu WalaTalwandi Bhai
KasubeguKasu BeguFirozpur
KhaiBasti Bulande WaliFirozpur
Khaja KharakKhawaja KharakMudki
KhambaKhambaGuru Har Sahai
Khane Ke AhalKhane Ke AhalFirozpur
KhangarhPir Ke KhangarhFirozpur
Khilchi JadidKhilchi JadidFirozpur
Khilchi QadimBasti Makhan SinghFirozpur
Khundar HitharKhunder HitharGuru Har Sahai
Khundar UttarKhunder UttarGuru Har Sahai
Khushal SinghwalaKhushal Singh WalaFirozpur
KilliKilliGuru Har Sahai
Kot Karor KalanKot Karorh KalanTalwandi Bhai
Kot Karor KhurdKot Karorh KhurdTalwandi Bhai
KotlaKotlaTalwandi Bhai
KulgarhiKulgarhiMallanwala Khass
Lakha BhediBasti Majhe WaliFirozpur
Lakha BubnaAttariFirozpur
Lakha HajiBasti Kachurian WaliFirozpur
Lakha Singhwala HitharLakha Singh Wala HitharGuru Har Sahai
Lakha Singhwala UttarSawai Ke BhokriGuru Har Sahai
Lakhmir Ke HitharLakhmir Ke HitharGuru Har Sahai
Lakhmir Ke UttarLakhmir Ke UttarGuru Har Sahai
Lakho Ke BehramLakho Ke BehramGuru Har Sahai
LamocharBare KeFirozpur (9 km)
LangianaBasti Ahme WaliFirozpur
LodharanLotharaGuru Har Sahai
LohgarhBasti KartarpurMallanwala Khass
Lohra Nawab SahibLohra Nawab ShahGuru Har Sahai
Machhi BugraMachhi BugraMudki
MachhiwaraBasti Sodaghar SinghTalwandi Bhai
Machhiwara Alias KamagarKamaggarFirozpur
MahalamBasti Khangran WaliFirozpur
MalhuwalaMallu WalaGuru Har Sahai
Mallha Rahim Ke UttarMalla Rahime KeGuru Har Sahai
Mallha Rahime Ke HitharMalla Rahime KeGuru Har Sahai
MalsianMalsianGuru Har Sahai
MalwalBasti Khalil WaliFirozpur
Mamdot HitharBasti Baba Beri WalaGuru Har Sahai
Mamdot UttarBasti Gulab Singh WalaGuru Har Sahai
Mana SinghwalaBaje WalaFirozpur
Maste KeBasti AmritsarianFirozpur
Mattar HitharBasti Labh SinghGuru Har Sahai
Mattar UttarBasti Hazara SinghGuru Har Sahai
Mehal SinghwalaMahal Singh WalaFirozpur
Mehmad Khan NiaziMohammed Khan NiaziFirozpur
MehmanMehmaGuru Har Sahai
Mehmud Ke HitharKalu Arian HitharFirozpur
Mehmud Ke Mahal HitharDona Tellu MallFirozpur
Mehmud Ke UttarKalu Arian HitharFirozpur
Mida HajiLakha HaziFirozpur
Miran Shah NoorMira Shah NoorFirozpur
Mirza LakhokeMirza Lakho KeGuru Har Sahai
Mirze KeMirze KeMudki
MisriwalaMishri WalaFirozpur
Mohkam BhattiMohkam BhattiFirozpur
Mohkam KhanwalaMokham Khan WalaFirozpur
MohkamwalaMohkam WalaTalwandi Bhai
MohreJhoke MorheGuru Har Sahai
Najju Shah MisriNaju Shah MishriMallanwala Khass
NaraingarhNaraingarhTalwandi Bhai
Nasira KhilchiNasira KhilchiFirozpur
Naurang Ke LelliNarang Ke LeliFirozpur
Naurang Ke SialNarang Ke SayalFirozpur
Nawan QilaNawan KillaGuru Har Sahai
Nihala KilchaHabib WalaFirozpur
Nihala LaweraNihala LaweraMallanwala Khass
NihalewalaNihale WalaFirozpur
NizamwalaNizam WalaFirozpur
NurpurNoorpur SethanFirozpur
Palha MeghaBasti Pritam SinghFirozpur
Patti GairabadMahalamFirozpur
Pharaya MalwalaFaraya MalwalMallanwala Khass
PharuwalaPheru WalaGuru Har Sahai
Pir Ahmad KhanwalaPir Ahmed KhanFirozpur
Pir Ismail KhanwalaPir Ismail KhanFirozpur
Pir Khan SheikhPir Khan SheikhFirozpur
PiranwalaBasti Bhan SinghFirozpur
PiruwalaPiru WalaFirozpur
Pojoke HitharPanje Ke HitharFirozpur
Pojoke UttarChak Amrik Singh WalaGuru Har Sahai
QutabdinwalaQutabdeen WalaMallanwala Khass
QutbewalaKutabe WalaFirozpur
Rahime Ke HitharMalla Rahime KeGuru Har Sahai
Rahime Ke UttarRahim Ke UttarGuru Har Sahai
Raja RaiRaja RaiGuru Har Sahai
RajiwalaRajji WalaFirozpur
RamewalaRame WalaFirozpur
Rao Ke HitharRau Ke HittarGuru Har Sahai
Rao Ke UttarRau Ke UttarGuru Har Sahai
Ratta Khera Baja KotwalRatta Khera Baja KotwalMallanwala Khass
Ratta Khera Bhai Gulab SinghRatta Khera Bhai Gulab SinghMallanwala Khass
Ratta Khera Punjab SinghwalaRatta Khera Punjab Singh WalaFirozpur
RodewalaRode WalaFirozpur
Rohela Haji UttarRohela HaziFirozpur
Rohela Hazi HitharBhamba HaziFirozpur (18 km)
Rukan ShahwalaRukan Shah WalaMallanwala Khass
Rukna BeguRukna BeguFirozpur
Rukna MunglaRukna MoonglaFirozpur
RuknewalaBasti Kishan Singh WaliMallanwala Khass
Sadar DinwalaGobind NagarFirozpur
Sadhu ShahwalaSaddu Shah WalaFirozpur
SaidanwalaSaidan WalaFirozpur
Saide KeDulchi KeFirozpur
Saide Ke NaulSado Ke NaulGuru Har Sahai
Saide Ke RohelaSaide Ke RohelaFirozpur
Sanda MojaSanda MaujaFirozpur
Sande HashamSande HashamFirozpur
SappanwaliSappan WaliFirozpur
SaranwaliSran WaliMudki
SatyewalaAale WalaFirozpur
Sawai BhokhariSawai Ke BhokriGuru Har Sahai
SayianwalaSaayian WalaFirozpur
ShahdinwalaShah Din WalaFirozpur
Sham SinghwalaSham Singh WalaGuru Har Sahai
SharinwalaSharin Wala SaidanGuru Har Sahai
Sher KhanwalaSherkhanFirozpur
SidhuBasti TarpuraFirozpur
SodhewalaPiru WalaFirozpur
Sodhi Nagar Urf Sultan KhanwalaBasti Buta Singh WaliFirozpur
SodhiwalaSodhi WalaFirozpur (10 km)
Suba JadidSuba JadidFirozpur
Suba QadimSuba QadimFirozpur
Sudh SinghwalaSudh Singh WalaMallanwala Khass
SulhaniSulhaniTalwandi Bhai
SultanwalaSultan WalaFirozpur
Sur SinghwalaSur Singh WalaMallanwala Khass
TahliwalaTahli WalaGuru Har Sahai
Tali GulamTalli GulamMallanwala Khass
Talli Saida SahuBasti Baj SinghFirozpur
Tara SinghwalaTara Singh WalaGuru Har Sahai
Tega SinghwalaTega Singh WalaFirozpur
Theh GujjarTheh GujjarGuru Har Sahai
ThethRame WalaFirozpur (16 km)
Thethar KalanThethar KalanTalwandi Bhai
Thethar KhurdThethar KhurdTalwandi Bhai
Tibbi KalanMurak WalaFirozpur
Tibbi KhurdTibbi KhuradFirozpur
ToorToorGuru Har Sahai
Tumbar BhanTumbarh BhanMudki
UsmanwalaBasti Gurdial SinghFirozpur
WaghewalaWahge WalaFirozpur
Wara Jawahar SinghwalaWara Jawahar Singh WalaTalwandi Bhai
WarabhaiWara Bhai KaMudki
WaryamwalaWaryam WalaFirozpur
WeerJhuge Hazara SinghFirozpur
Yare ShahwalaYare Shah WalaFirozpur


Famous Places in Ferozepur District

Ferozepur district has many places of historical, religious, and natural significance that attract tourists and pilgrims from far and wide. Some of the famous places are:

  • Harike Lake: This is one of the largest wetlands in northern India and a haven for migratory birds. It is also a Ramsar site, a wetland of international importance. The lake was formed by the confluence of the Sutlej and Beas rivers at Harike town. It is home to more than 200 species of birds, including rare ones like the Indus dolphin, sarus crane, black-necked stork, and white-rumped vulture.
  • Indo-Pak Retreat Ceremony: This is a daily ritual that takes place at the Hussainiwala border between India and Pakistan. It involves a ceremonial lowering of flags by both countries’ border security forces amid loud cheers from spectators on both sides. The ceremony showcases patriotism, discipline, and coordination between the two nations.
  • Anglo-Sikh War Memorial: This is a monument that honors the soldiers who fought in the first Anglo-Sikh war at Ferozeshah village in 1845. The memorial has a museum that displays weapons, uniforms, paintings, and documents related to the war. It also has a light and sound show that narrates the history of the war.
  • Gurudwara Shri Jaamani Sahib: This is a Sikh shrine that is associated with Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh guru. It is believed that he visited this place during his travels and stayed here for some time. The gurudwara has a holy well that is said to have healing powers.
  • Shan-e-Hind Gate: This is a majestic gate that was built in 2017 to mark the 70th anniversary of India’s independence. It is located at Firozpur city’s entrance and has a height of 56 feet and a width of 91 feet. It has four pillars that depict India’s culture, heritage, diversity, and unity.

Diameter and Radius of Ferozepur District

The diameter and radius of Ferozepur district are not easy to calculate, as the district has an irregular shape and a curved border. However, one can estimate them by using the longest and shortest distances between two points in the district. According to Google Maps, the longest distance between two points in the district is about 220 km, which is from Fazilka town in the south-west to Mudki village in the north-east. The shortest distance between two points in the district is about 30 km, which is from Firozpur city in the north-west to Talwandi Bhai town in the south-east. Therefore, one can estimate that the diameter of Ferozepur district is about 220 km, and the radius is about 110 km.


In conclusion, Ferozepur, District in Punjab, is a place where history, culture, and modernity converge. Its historical significance, coupled with its vibrant community and scenic beauty, make it a district that continues to shine brightly on India’s map. Whether you’re a history buff or simply looking to explore the essence of Punjab, Ferozepur has something special to offer to everyone who visits.

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