Elevating CX Through Live Chat in 2024

Elevating CX Through Live Chat

“Hey, if you want to grow your business by 5x then why don’t you invest in modern technology?”

That’s half the truth. Just relying on the technology & tools for 5x business growth sounds bogus. Business growth relies on different factors and improving customer experience is a prominent one. Businesses that focus on offering a seamless customer experience always outgrow their competitors.

To make customers feel more valuable, businesses must draft a CX strategy. Customer experience passes through different touchpoints like brand loyalty, brand positioning, and customer satisfaction. This becomes possible by understanding what communication channel(s) align with the requirements of modern customers.

Live chat is the answer to the question that popped up. Live Chat Solutions have been the immaculate fit in the picture. 42% of customers expect immediate redressal to their queries and live chat emerged as the prime preference.

The bottom line is that integrating live chat solutions in the business elevates customer experience & boosts customer satisfaction. Live chat solutions promise numerous benefits for a business that can’t be ignored. Flip through the blog to understand how live chat improves customer experience that businesses cannot ignore.

Understanding Live Chat

Getting a hang of live chat doesn’t require rocket science. It is a form of digital communication that happens between contact center agents & customers. It involves embedding live chat software into websites and mobile apps.

In this way, agents can interact with customers in real time and get their queries answered.

Unlike traditional communication channels like email, phone, or social media, customers find more satisfaction through live chat or web chat. It empowers agents to offer prompt services to customers visiting the website.

Live chat not only accelerates business but also assures a personalized customer experience.

Placement of Live Chat Option

When customers do not find what they need on the website, they seek help through chat. Hence, it becomes mandatory to place the chat option in a way that it remains visible.

The landing page, checkout page, FAQ page, shipping/cancelation page, and contact us are prime areas for displaying the live chat option to customers.

The sole motive for integrating live chat solutions is to provide prompt solutions to customers. Hence, placing it accordingly leaves a positive impact on customers.

How Live Chat Solutions Improve CX?

The popularity of live chat, as stated previously, advocates for its supremacy when compared to its digital counterparts like email or social media. Thus, it becomes a must-have for a business to succeed in the market.

This quick rundown on live chat software solutions talks about improving customer experience.

Faster Query Resolution

Ideal customer services never make their customers wait. By integrating live chat solutions, agents can resolve customer queries faster & more efficiently. Once the issue that customers are stumbling through gets identified, it becomes easier to redirect them to the concerned department for resolution.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Live chat solutions have proved to be beneficial by improving customer engagement levels. Engaging customers through live chat increases the chances for a higher retention rate by offering resolution in the initial interaction.

Live chat software tools like co-browsing and video chat can personalize the engagement which further improves customer service.

Humanizes Customer Experience

Customers often get displeased with robotized voices and chatbots when they do not find solutions to their queries despite following instructions. With live chat, customers converse with human agents to get personalized support. This is a key reason why live chat interactions are preferred by 93% of customers.

Enhances Productivity Levels

Live chat software solutions play a key role in enhancing agent productivity levels. Live chat allows agents to offer solutions in real-time that impact KPIs like average handle time (AHT), first call resolution (FCR), and customer satisfaction score (CSAT). Since solutions are provided in the first interaction itself, it delights customers and improves their overall experience.

Promotes Customer Loyalty

Integrating live chat solutions help businesses to provide exceptional customer service. When customers actively engage with brands, they are more likely to remain loyal & continue acquiring products/services from them.

This is because customers feel confident owing to personalized conversations that build loyalty by offering spontaneous solutions.

Live Chat Solutions – The Bottom Line

For every business operating in the market, regardless of the vertical, offering an immaculate customer experience becomes mandatory. Great CX capabilities determine the success rate of the business, its ability to engage & retain customers, and expand its client base.

NovelVox is a prominent CX player in the market. It has successfully delivered numerous projects across the globe to its clients associated with the contact center industry. This CMMI Level-3 certified company has a vast product line.

It includes agent desktops (Agent Accelerator), Smart CTI connectors, chatbots (InfiBot), agent helpdesk (NV Desk), omnichannel engagement platform (CX Infinity), and wallboards.    

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