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In the vast expanse of digital media, stands as a beacon of truth and accuracy. As one of India’s pioneering fact-checking websites, it has carved a niche for itself by providing journalistically verified facts to its readers. Let’s delve into the intricacies of, exploring its traffic, rankings, ownership, and more.

Website Traffic and Rankings holds a global rank of 189,232 and a country rank of 21,776 in India. Over the last three months, its global ranking has surged from 128,937 to its current position. The website attracts an estimated 387.9K total visits, with a 70.3% bounce rate and an average visit duration of 44 seconds. The majority of its traffic comes from India (55.17%) and the United States (18.07%). This traffic and ranking report is created as of Feb 2024 .

Website Owner

As one of India’s first fact-checking newsrooms, it has earned certification from the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN), solidifying its commitment to journalistic integrity.

Domain Age

The domain age of this website is 9 years, 3 months and 24 days old as of 28 Feb 2024. This domain was created 3rd of November 2014 .


  1. Alt News: A prominent fact-checking website in India, known for debunking misinformation.
  2. India Today: A comprehensive news portal that also engages in fact-checking.
  3. NDTV: A trusted source for news and analysis, including fact verification.


In an era of rampant misinformation, remains steadfast in its pursuit of truth. Its impact reverberates across digital spaces, empowering readers with accurate information. As we navigate the digital landscape, let us appreciate the role played by fact-checkers like in upholding journalistic standards.

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