Best Smart Board for Education

Unleashing the Future of Education: A Deep Dive into the Best Smart Boards for Education

In the digital age, education is undergoing a transformation like never before, thanks to the integration of cutting-edge technologies. Smart boards, or interactive panels, have emerged as revolutionary tools that bring dynamism and engagement to the classroom. These interactive displays are no longer just a novelty; they are essential instruments for educators looking to create immersive and collaborative learning environments. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the top players in the realm of smart boards for education, dissecting their features and specifications to help you make an informed decision for your educational institution.


Newline Interactive Flat Panel Display

Newline is at the forefront of redefining classroom interactivity with its innovative smart boards. The Newline smart boards come equipped with Infrared Touch technology, enabling smooth and accurate touch responses. With high-resolution displays and anti-glare surfaces, Newline smart boards offer exceptional clarity even in brightly lit environments. These boards seamlessly integrate with various operating systems, making them versatile companions for educators. They provide the best smart boards for education.


  • Display: High-resolution with anti-glare surface
  • Touch Technology: Infrared Touch
  • Compatibility: Integration with multiple operating systems

Promark Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Promark Techsolution Interactive Flat Panel Display

Promark’s Smart Board redefines interactive learning and collaboration with its cutting-edge features. This innovative digital whiteboard offers a generous 65-inch 4K UHD touch-sensitive display, ensuring crisp visuals and smooth touch interactions. The Smart Board is equipped with advanced multi-touch technology, allowing multiple users to engage simultaneously, fostering dynamic group discussions and brainstorming sessions. 


  1. Display: 65-inch 4K UHD touch-sensitive display for crystal-clear visuals and precise touch interactions.
  2. Multi-Touch Technology: Advanced multi-touch support for up to 20 touch points, enabling seamless collaboration and interaction among multiple users.
  3. Interface Compatibility: Intuitive interface compatible with a wide range of educational and productivity applications, enhancing teaching and collaborative experiences.
  4. Wireless Connectivity: Effortless screen mirroring and content sharing from various devices through built-in wireless connectivity options.

Globus Infocom

Globus Infocom Interactive Flat Panel Display

Globus Infocom is a pioneer in interactive technology solutions for education. Their smart boards feature multi-touch capabilities, allowing multiple students to engage simultaneously. With built-in Android systems, teachers can access a plethora of educational applications. The handwriting recognition feature enhances the interactive experience, enabling teachers to convert handwritten notes into digital text.


  • Touch Technology: Multi-touch
  • Operating System: Built-in Android
  • Interactive Features: Handwriting recognition
  • Collaboration: Multi-student engagement

Brio Interactive Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Briotouch Interactive Flat Panel Display

Brio Interactive Technologies Pvt. Ltd. brings innovation to classrooms with their smart boards designed for immersive learning experiences. These smart boards offer high-resolution displays and feature-rich interactive tools. The built-in multimedia player and content sharing options make lessons engaging and captivating. Brio’s focus on ease of use ensures that educators can seamlessly integrate these boards into their teaching strategies. Their smart boards are specially designed for educators.


  • Display: High-resolution
  • Interactive Tools: Feature-rich interactive options
  • Multimedia: Built-in multimedia player
  • Content Sharing: Seamless content sharing capabilities


Viewsonic Interactive Flat Panel Display

ViewSonic’s smart boards offer a blend of interactivity and visual excellence. Their ultra-high-definition displays ensure crystal-clear visuals, while the touch capabilities facilitate dynamic learning. The versatile ViewSonic boards support both Windows and Android platforms, providing educators with a range of software compatibility options.


  • Display: Ultra-high definition
  • Touch Technology: Responsive touch capabilities
  • Compatibility: Support for Windows and Android platforms


Hitachi Interactive Flat Panel Display

Hitachi smart boards are designed to elevate classroom engagement through interactive learning experiences. These smart boards boast interactive pen and touch functionalities, allowing educators to switch between modes seamlessly. The wireless features enable easy connectivity and content sharing, promoting collaborative learning.


  • Interactive Features: Interactive pen and touch
  • Connectivity: Wireless connectivity and content sharing


Samsung Interactive Flat Panel Display

Samsung’s smart boards combine sleek design with advanced interactivity. The integrated Tizen operating system ensures a user-friendly interface, and the intuitive touch technology enhances classroom engagement. Samsung’s smart boards also support versatile connectivity options, making them adaptable to various teaching methodologies.


  • Operating System: Tizen OS
  • Touch Technology: Intuitive touch capabilities
  • Connectivity: Versatile connectivity options

Promethean World

Promethean World Interactive Flat Panel Display

Promethean World’s smart boards empower educators with interactive and collaborative tools. These smart boards feature In Glass™ touch technology, offering precise touch and pen responses. The interactive flipcharts and cloud-based lesson delivery system facilitate seamless content creation and sharing.


  • Touch Technology: In Glass™ touch
  • Interactive Features: Interactive flipcharts, cloud-based lesson delivery


Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel Display

Hikvision introduces smart boards that cater to modern educational demands. These boards boast responsive touch technology and high-quality displays. The Android operating system opens doors to a wide array of educational apps, making learning more engaging and interactive.


  • Touch Technology: Responsive touch capabilities
  • Operating System: Android OS

Gladwin Group

Gladwin Group Interactive Flat Panel Display

Gladwin Group’s smart boards prioritize collaborative learning with their interactive features. These boards support multi-touch capabilities, enabling students to engage in group activities seamlessly. The lightweight design and wall-mount options make installation hassle-free.


  • Interactive Features: Multi-touch capabilities
  • Installation: Lightweight design, wall-mount options


The education landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, and smart boards are leading the charge. Each of the mentioned companies – Newline, Promark Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd., Globus Infocom, Brio Interactive Technologies Pvt. Ltd., ViewSonic, Hitachi, Samsung, Promethean World, Hikvision, Gladwin Group, and others – brings a unique blend of innovation, interactivity, and functionality to the table. As educators seek to create immersive and engaging learning environments, these smart boards stand as indispensable tools that bridge the gap between traditional teaching and modern technology-driven pedagogy. Whether it’s collaborative learning, interactive content delivery, or dynamic classroom engagement, the best smart boards for education pave the way for a brighter and more interactive future for students and teachers alike.

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